5 Mistakes to Avoid When Importing a Range Rover

Importing a Range Rover? What to avoid.

Not Considering Options

There are many options for people who want to import from the United States, and those options should be thoroughly explored. It doesn’t make much sense to enter into one of the busiest auto markets, yet not take a look around for the best deals and vehicles. There are many Range Rovers in America in various states of use with various modifications and in various conditions. Shopping around will ensure that you have taken a look at many options on the market and that you have chosen the best vehicle for you. It would be quite unfortunate to go through the whole import process and end up a vehicle which isn’t perfect.


Not Considering Hidden Costs

Hidden costs can boost the price to an amount which you might not want to pay anymore. There are many hidden costs in the process of importing a Range Rover. For example, import taxes will vary from country to country – some of them will have 0% taxes while others will have 50% or more. Also, some vehicles will have to get modifications done to it in order for them to be legal. Those are just import costs though, the very act of purchasing a vehicle can have hidden costs, so take a good look at the real price.


Not focusing on Overall Price

Relating to the above point, many people will just take the payments as they arise and not look at the payment as a lump-sum amount. While it is easier to pay prices in multiple pieces rather than at once, you will still end up paying the same amount regardless. For this reason, it is important to add up all of the little expenses you will encounter in the process of importing your Range Rover. Once you take a look at the big picture and see how much the entire process will cost, you can make an informed decision on how to proceed from there.


Not haggling over Details

The little details are truly what makes a vehicle different from every other vehicle of that model. It’s the little things that make it yours, so it’s important to look really hard at the seemingly small details. Besides, there are many vehicles out on the market, so it’s quite easy to get the vehicle which suits your needs precisely. The import process is going to take some time, so it’s important to do the initial research before investing a lot of time and money into something. Importing a Range Rover should be something that you will be able to feel great about many years in the future.


Going with the Cheapest Solution

There are many times in the import process when you can “cheat” a little bit to reduce the costs by a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars. While this may seem like a universally preferably option, it really isn’t. Some things need to be done, and need to be done by a licensed professional. For example, if you need to get some modifications done in order to comply with your country’s standards, but you decide to give the job to a non-licensed mechanic, your country may ask for documentation regarding the modifications which will not be valid.


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