Guide to Importing Vehicles from the USA

Nobody likes dealing with government paperwork, but when importing a vehicle, it is good to be realistic about the process and what is likely to be requested of you during the course of our USA import service. Depending on where you live, the process could take a moderate amount of time, but the wait most likely isn’t going to be too unreasonable. We will take you through the typical import procedures in this article; however, keep in mind that laws vary widely from country to country, and these are merely guidelines to set the foundation for the general act of importing.

Get your Documents Together

The very first thing you will want to do is research! It is foolish to go through an extensive process to get a foreign car if you are not 100% sure that the vehicle you want is perfect for you. This is also a great time to get any kind of documentation together, and check if the vehicle you want is even eligible to enter your country. Some vehicles are barred from entering certain countries, so make sure what you are doing is legal. Related to this is the issue of modifications; if your car has modifications, make sure they comply with your local standards and will not violate the law. After you are completely sure all of this is in order, you can proceed with the paperwork.

Get the Permission

Contact your government and get the go-ahead to ship the vehicle. This usually involves going through a formal import approval process; it depends on the country in which you reside, but it is typical to have to go through something of this nature. Usually, this process is to ensure that the vehicle you are importing meets all of the codes and regulations of your country. Some of the rules and requirements will change depending on the country of origin – the United States in this case. Your USA import service will perform a lot of this work.

Contact your USA Import Service

After you have received the go-ahead to import the car, it should be OK to begin the process of importing the vehicle at this point. Make sure that the vehicle has been cleaned prior to departure, as some materials might warrant the government to put your vehicle in a temporary quarantine. All of the hazardous liquids/gasses such as air conditioning gas, fuel, etc. should be purged, and all of the conditions of export in the originating country should be met.


Make it Official

When the vehicle finally gets imported into your country, it is quite a straightforward process. Declare the import, pay all of the necessary import taxes, get your vehicle inspected if necessary, apply for license plates, and register the vehicle.

Dealing with all of this paperwork and hassle can definitely be done alone, but it takes quite a bit of your time and energy. When you import with our USA import service, we will take care of this paperwork for you, and will guide you through the process.


Finding a professional USA import service will severely reduce the workload which you have to conduct, and will also give you peace of mind, as you can trust us to make the vehicle ready for import so your government accepts it into the country without issue.


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