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Less Paperwork = Less Cost

If you’ve ever been in search of a new car, the first place you probably looked was the local market. While this is not a bad strategy for finding nice cars which will get you from point A to point B, there is a better way of obtaining vehicles – importing. One of the most important – yet overlooked – reasons to perhaps import a U.S. car is that it can save you some money! It’s quite counter-intuitive, as many people might think that America is the land of high priced goods, but because of government regulations in different countries, it may be less expensive for you to import a vehicle from the States rather than buying a new – or even old, for that matter – vehicle from your local market.


Some countries do not have to pay any kind of significant import taxes on vehicles, resulting in a very clear cut incentive to purchase an American car. For example, a typical vehicle in Brazil will cost about R$30,000 more than an imported one. Brazilian citizens still have to pay some taxes on the importation of vehicles, but due to the domestic economy of Brazil, vehicles have a very high cost in relation to American vehicles. Even regardless of all the government regulations, it is still a financially worthwhile decision to import a U.S. car.

Even if the country you currently reside in has major taxes on all vehicle imports, it is still a good idea to import a U.S. car. This is because the vehicle trading market in the States is extremely vibrant and developed. It is quite simple nowadays to purchase and/or sell a vehicle within the U.S., and the exporting procedure has been streamlined to a significant extent. This may not mean much to you, as the export company has to deal with all of the paperwork anyways, but you are paying the export company to do all of that business. Since the documentation required to export from the U.S. isn’t that intensive, your export company will not have to spend so much time on the bureaucracy, and you will therefore end up saving money by importing from the U.S. rather than another less developed market.


Importing U.S. Cars Isn’t Perfect

As true as all of this information might be, don’t get too excited just yet! To paint a more realistic picture of the advantages of importing, one must know that there will be extra costs with importing that you will not experience when buying locally.

For example, there will be more waiting involved when you import a U.S. car rather than buying one locally – although the U.S. has some of the lowest wait times for exports.


However, after everything is complete, you could very well end up with not only a much superior vehicle than what you could have found locally, but it’s also more than possible to save money as well.

It depends on you to make the decision, but it is a fact that overall, you will get the most bang for your buck by importing a U.S. car.

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