Import U.S.A. Cars to Amsterdam

How to Import U.S.A. Cars to Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a hot market for car imports, as many of the citizens like to acquire foreign vehicles. If you have a tendency to prefer cars manufactured in the U.S.A., you’re in luck, we readily supply to Amsterdam. It is relatively easy to import a vehicle to Amsterdam from the U.S., as the paperwork in both countries is quite easy to access and complete. If you are unsure about the procedure involving U.S.A. car imports to Amsterdam, the specifics will be discussed here in detail.


Reporting the Location

Government officials will first request to know the vehicle’s country of origin. This is important because it will help them assess what kind of procedure you will have to go through to clear the vehicle from therein. In this case, the vehicle will be imported from the U.S.A. Due to the vehicle being situated in the United States, you will not be eligible for a tax-free import – that is only available for vehicles within the European Union. Nevertheless, it will be a relatively swift and painless process.


Make Sure the U.S.A. Car Import to Amsterdam is Legal

Because the United States does not have the same rules and regulations as the Netherlands, there might be some kind of safety assessment. This is simply to determine what kind of safety and environmental standards the vehicle meets. The import vehicle will have to stand up the emissions standards within the Netherlands, and it will have to be equipped with the mandated safety technology as well as comply with safety regulations. It is good to understand this before making any kind of arrangement, and to make sure that the vehicle will pass these tests. If it doesn’t then you will either have to modify the vehicle or it simply won’t be street legal.


Import it!

After the above steps have been taken care of, it is finally time to begin the import proceedings. We will put together the paperwork here in the United States to get it exported, and will help you with any kind of import paperwork you need when necessary. Once the vehicle arrives, it is important to pass it through the necessary hoops and hurdles. This includes the safety and emissions testing if required, and all of the legal procedures such as completing an import declaration form.

If all of those documents make it through the system, the only things left to do are to insure the vehicle, pay the import tax – the invoice should be mailed to your location – and register the car. When it’s all said and done, you can pat yourself on the back, because you have imported a U.S. car into Amsterdam! If you experience any kind of trouble during the course of this procedure, we will be more than happy to help you by providing any kind of document and advice that is warranted.

We guarantee to make this process as easy as possible so that you can enjoy your new vehicle as soon as possible.

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