I am proud to say that we take every measure possible to make it so that each deal is successful.

Every shipping is insured.

Each car is controlled at every stage of the delivery.

We offer letter of credit to first time users.

What’s the maximum wait time for the car to arrive?

Once you have placed your order and everything has been set up, the car will arrive in less than 60 days.

What other services you offer?

We offer:

-Check of status by an accredited dealer (for used cars)

-Modification of the car (Armored/Colours/Features)

-Control throughout each step of delivery of the car

-Insurance for each step

I want a car that’s not on your list, can you get it for me?

Yes!, we have a network of car buyers throughout the USA, Canada and Europe enabling us to get you virtually any car you desire.

Do you work with car dealerships?

We actually prefer working with car dealers as they already know their part of the business.

Our offer consists of allowing dealers to have great prices and exotic cars.

Do you inspect the car before it is shipped?

For used cars, we will have it checked out by an authorized dealer.

Once you approve the report we will have it shipped.

Throughout each step of delivery the car is checked for accidental damages which are covered by insurance.

If there are questions that I haven’t answered, feel free to contact me:   Contact Me

-Yosi Salman