Why Wait to buy a New Car?

In Demand Vehicles and Wait Times


The Reason behind Demand

It is no news that supply and demand are the two variables which drive the price of a commodity. This relationship is one of the pillars of economic theory, and influences all of the items that we purchase be it food, clothing, or vehicles. The issue many people experience with new vehicles is that there is an intense demand for them even before there is any supply. When a nice new vehicle is announced, many people from around the world are keen on purchasing it, and this creates intense demand and competition for the non-existent or very limited supply there is.

This means that even if you can afford a new vehicle, there may be a massive line of people in front of you who are also waiting for the product.

A very good example of this is the – at the time of this article’s release – new BMW i8. The people who have already invested money in this automobile will have to wait about 18 months to finally receive the vehicle and be able to enjoy it.

Even if this example is a little bit on the extreme end of things, it is not uncommon for a new vehicle to have 6-8 month wait times – in fact, it is quite common if the vehicle is an anticipated release.


Reduce Wait Times by Buying From the U.S.

The wait times are often further exaggerated by living in a region that does not have a vibrant automotive market. For example, the BMW i8 is shipped worldwide, but other cars that do not have such immense clout and prestige might only be sold in certain foreign markets such as the United States. If you want a new vehicle sold in a different country than yours, and has a high demand, you could be looking at immensely long wait times, even after sending in the payment. To solve this dilemma, consider buying a car from the U.S.


Buy a Car from the Vibrant U.S. Economy

Export companies located in very active automotive markets can drastically help speed up the process of importing a vehicle to your country when buying a car from the U.S. As soon as the car enters the foreign market it is being sold in – such as America – an export company can instantly begin arranging the export proceedings and have it within your hands in a matter of months. This is not only the quickest way to buy a car from the U.S., but is also the most convenient, as an export company will also take care of a lot of the paperwork required.


What Do You Think?

The question remains, do you believe it is “normal” to wait over half a year for a vehicle to ship to your location? The most we can do when you are buying a car from the U.S. is find vehicles in America and ship them to you quickly, but it remains up to the manufacturer to decide how long the manufacturing process takes.

Through this decision, manufacturers can easily control the demand of a vehicle and make the price a lot higher than what it would be had they ramped up production to begin with rather than slowly easing into it.

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